Monday, August 18, 2014


A hero, currently unnamed, exists in our midst.  This post is dedicated to him.

US Army Major General Greene was killed in an assassination in Afghanistan on August 6th.  Fourteen others were injured in the attack.

We learn today at Free North Carolina that there is another story from that day.  A story of heroism.

UK Telegraph:
A British Army colonel's life was saved by a US soldier who jumped in front of an assassin's hail of bullets, it has been reported.

The US Army reservist, who normally works for Apple, the Silicon Valley-based electronics company, was shot six times as an Afghan assailant opened fire on a group of high-ranking officers at a military training academy earlier this month, The Sunday Times said.

The reservist, who has not been named, used his body as a shield to literally "take a bullet" for the senior British officer, and was hit twice in the leg and once in the shoulder, with a further three rounds stopped by his bulletproof vest.

Details of the act of heroism were revealed in an American casualty report, the newspaper said.

It describes how the reservist returned fire with both his rifle and sidearm.
MG Greene was laid to rest at Arlington on August 14th.  Our dear leader couldn't make it to the funeral of the most senior military officer lost in the War on Terror.  Probably better.  The general's family was there.

Check back soon.  I look forward to posting the soldier's name, photo and status as soon as they are known.

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