Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Tab Clearing

These all deserve their own post, but time is not cooperating.

Via Glenn, Government to Track ‘False, Misleading’ Ideas on Twitter.

Remember all the times the Liberals Progressives Communists laughed at us when we feared unintended consequences from their policies?

Via Free North Carolina, Walmart Shakes Up Primary Care—and the Whole System.

Despite the Glorious and Free ObamaCare, the private sector is not giving up.  $40 clinic visits.  No insurance necessary.  A hearty Ushanka Tip to Walmart for showing how it can be done.

Via Silvio, Communism's Victims Deserve a Museum.
Supporters of a museum dedicated to the estimated 100 million victims of communism worldwide hope to break ground on the National Mall on the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Why are there so few Democrats and liberals among them? 
Softball question.  Because Democrats and Communists are one in the same.
From Stalin’s gulags to the Cambodian Killing Fields to Mao’s famines, there is not a single communist government in history that was not both tyrannical and left horrifying death and destruction in its wake. According to the Black Book of Communism, regimes inspired by Marxist-Leninism are responsible for some 100 million deaths (and counting), making communism the 20th century’s most fatal ideology. 
Nope.  Here are the killing efficiency numbers when all murder is considered:

America: On track to out-kill the Nazis and Communists combined!

Abortion Numbers source.

Which event does American society expect us to rank #1 as the worst atrocity ever?
The Holocaust of 1945, in Europe?
The Gulags and killing fields of the last century in Russia, China, or today in North Korea?
Or the ongoing dispatch of America babies?
 Hitler was a piker.  If you want people killed, vote Democrat.

Via 90 Miles, an excellent (AND GRAPHIC) video on the recent history of Islam and the West: 5 Minutes That Will Completely Change The Way You Look at Islam Israel Palestinian conflict.

A related image we found on the interwebs:

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