Saturday, August 09, 2014

Ushanka Tip: Cheerios

Another "Parenting Done Right" post, this time brought to you by General Mills:

U/T: General Mills and Sharp as a Marble

UPDATED an hour later...

Found this at the A Conservative Christian Man blog.  Paul mentions Cheerios has previously embraced gay marriage.  This doesn't change the message in the video for me, but I felt I obliged to share for perspective.


Robert What? said...

I have to say I'm astounded to see a modern commercial where the dad isn't a wuss or an idiot where his wife or kids have to set him straight or rescue him. I wonder what market research GM did that made them go against the prevailing cultural winds. Any speculation?

Karl said...

The optimist in me says the pendulum is finally going the other way.

The realist in me says it is an aberration, a one-off, and that I should stop smoking crack.

Let's celebrate these crumbs of decency!

Robert What? said...

For the handful of times each year I eat poison like mass market breakfast cereal, it is invariably Cheerios. I guess I'll keep it going :)