Saturday, April 28, 2012

Farms and Child Labor

Our Dear Leader doesn't want kids working on farms.  Where was he when we were growing up in suburban Chicago and out picking beans in the hot dusty fields?

Oh ya, in the morning he was sitting in Reverend Wright's church just a few miles away.  Then on to Man's Country to relax (new website since our last visit - NSFW).

Our first impulse upon hearing about this new law was the union angle.  Get kids off the farms and put those hard-working union men and women in the fields.  (Along with a break area furnished with comfortable furniture and cold beverages and plenty of shade.  An on-site masseuse should be required for all farms over 5 acres.  An air-conditioned shuttle to move these honorable union members to and from the parking area.  What else did we miss?)

Our laziness in not identifying other reasons for this restriction has paid off.  As we have long known: if we wait long enough, Ann Barnhardt, owner of our fine hat, will tell us the full story.

Ann says there are three reasons to keep kids off of farms:

First, they want to eliminate the next generation of farmers and ranchers so that nationalization of all food production can be hastened and facilitated.

Second, they want to force farmers and ranchers to hire and employ unionized labor, who will then effectively dictate how and what farmers and ranchers produce, and eventually drive them into insolvency and government takeover (see General Motors, et al).

Third, they want to break the spirit of the young toward any desire to work, be productive or be independent. They want every single person to view work as something to be avoided at all costs, and total government support as the only "fair" lifestyle, to which they are "entitled".

What is my response to all of this? It is very simple, and I am being as serious as pancreatic cancer when I say this:


God bless Ann for linking a farm labor law to gun rights.

Well Ann, it may be why you have guns.  Unfortunately, we lost all of our guns in a freak boating accident and are currently unarmed.  We are now quite smug, act enlightened, and know that the government will take care of us in hard times.

U/T: Ann.

UPDATE 12:45:

IOTW is asking Ann to go on an Occupy vs. Tea Party show, and is asking for donations.  Link.

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