Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To be the Bourgeoisie...

... one must have something the Proletarian does not.

A nice house.  A cow.  A sandwich.

Here is video from Chicago on April 7th:

U/T: Marathon Pundit, via Weasel Zippers

Comment at Weasel Zippers post by Katherine:

I suspect these fools consider themselves proles…even though they’ve never worked a day in their lives…..and don’t plan on working one in the future….

Yep, the Communist Party, the Obama Administration and Leftist Academia has really created quite a bunch of shiftless zombies, who spew their Marxist ideology without even the slightest idea of what it really means.

I wish someone could drag them back in time to 1918 Russia and force them truly experience the inception and the result of their demands.

One wonders:  How many people in this video have an iPhone in their pocket?

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