Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Blog Concept

Charleston Thug Life was launched on March 31.  They are going viral.

Citizens in Charleston are scraping the social media sites for the local criminal class.  

Criteria: Local Facebook users who display gang affiliation, drug money and/or weapons.  

The volume of screenshots is causing Internet brown-outs!

Hoping this concept goes viral.  

What a great source for local law enforcement.  

What a great activity for citizens who've been scared into their homes.

We look forward to the positive comments from Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama!

BTW: Nice shout out to the liberal Charleston City Paper who is rather offended at a group of bloggers displaying photos that losers posted of themselves in public sites!

A recent comment in their latest post from visitor Dr Kranknstein:

While I know this is in no way shape or form meant to be a comedy blog, I have to say every time I come here I get a great laugh.

These clowns are just shit stains on the adult diaper of life. 

The fact that almost assuredly most are felons and still post pics with them holding firearms is just a testament to the outstanding amount of stupid we are dealing with.


Doc said...

I love it "...shit stain on the aduld diaper of life". These shit stains don't have a combined IQ equal to that of an earthworm, and even less common sense.

whitestone said...

Wow! Midgets in their underwear... with guns!

Karl said...

No kidding! I think I speak for all of us when I say we keep our boxers-guns pictures private!