Thursday, April 12, 2012

Show Trial


Stalin's show trials put innocent people on trial.  They were labeled "wreckers" - those to blame for blocking Utopia.

Stalin's goons would falsify evidence in order to put the desired people on trial.

Prosecutors promised reduced penalties if the accused would go along with the false charges.

Promises were not kept.  People were executed.

The message was clear: Submit to Stalin or die.


Obama's 1st show trial is putting an innocent man on trial for defending himself in an attack.

Obama's goons are falsifying evidence.  NBC falsified audio.  ABC falsified video.  NYT falsified the 911 transcript.  The race industry (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, New Black Panther Party, Obama administration, etc.) are falsifying outrage.

Prosecutors will push for a plea-bargain.  In their eyes this is a win-win.  They get something on Zimmerman which sends a signal to other innocents who would defend themselves in an attack.  And the race-baiters can keep the masses enraged in order to use them as a threat against future targets.

Message: Crisis as a means will be used for political ends.

Prediction: This will be used in an attempt to eliminate self-defense options - concealed-carry, stand-your-ground, castle doctrine, etc.  See NY Mayor's recent statements.

Obama's America

Guilt is innocence.

Innocence is guilt.

The criminal is the victim.

The victim is the criminal.

Here is the prosecutor, Angela Corey, who is quoted as saying: "Let me emphasize that we do not prosecute by pressure or petition.  We prosecute cases based on the relevant facts of each case and on the laws of the state of Florida…."  Picture from Weasel Zippers.

Karl Denninger thinks she over-reached with the 2nd-degree murder charge.

Legal Insurrection - Perp Walk.

The Daily Caller has published some of Trayvon's Twitter comments from his account "NO_LIMIT_NIGGA":

We've updated our Obama Checklist with this show trial.


Scumf**k offers his take:

What we are seeing here, then, is the very mechanisms of our own eventual conviction.
Be grateful for this case, Mr. & Mrs. FREEFOR. It will show you who your enemies are...and how they will convict you, when the time comes.


Alan Dershowitz:  "Irresponsible.  Unethical.  Thin.  Consistent with self defense."

John Lott has three new self-defense stories.  It appears these Zimmerman smears are not causing people to hesitate in using deadly force.  Another Obama backfire.

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