Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember

U/T: wmjsarah

Relive that day through Maj. Heather Penny, a fighter pilot who responded to the attacks. Be sure to hear her explain the order to ram a hijacked airliner - 20:00 mark.

U/T: Ann Barnhardt

Found at Conservative Blogs Central through IOTW:

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. People falling from towers. Only watch to remember the evil that exists in Islam, and to refocus on our fight ahead.

Also found t Conservative Blogs Central - the Budweiser 9/11 tribute commercial. It only aired once.

UPDATE 9.11 9am

Mark Steyn has a good rant posted at NRO: Let's Roll Over

UPDATE 9.13 8am

Go to LawDog for some perspective.

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