Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beat'in Hippies

We had a company commander who would stop a meeting every time a helicopter flew over our base. Even in mid-sentence. He'd walk to the window, look up with envy in his eyes and mutter, "some people have the coolest jobs." This coming from a Vietnam Special Forces soldier who killed commies 24/7 for sport. The helicopter would pass and we'd go back to work.

We share his feeling as we watch this video of New York police pounding on the protesters-du-jour near Wall Street.

We tried to make out what they were protesting, but all we heard was

blah blah redistribution blah blah stop beating me blah blah.

We'll keep watching it and report back if we hear anything else.


Now that the video above is burned into our memory, we've been brainstorming possible soundtracks. Maybe something from Woodstock, perhaps?

A view from the other side (MSM) - found at IOTW:

Love the slo-mo analysis at the 4min mark, where you can clearly see the pepper spray come from the grassy knoll.

We're thinking Pink Floyd.

And Rodney King? O'Donnell goes into the Rodney King beating in the 7min mark. Let us share our perspective on Rodney King:

We lived on Foothill Blvd about two miles from the beating.
He took his slow-speed LAPD chase through our neighborhood risking pedestrians, drivers and the officers.
He got his ass beat.
Rodney never led the police through our neighborhood after that.

How come Rodney King learns his lesson, but the hippies don't?

We blame the public schools.

Maybe The Doors?

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