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Liberalism vs. Jobs UPDATED 3X and BUMPED

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Liberalism vs. Jobs - You have to pick one.

Thesaurus - Unexpected: abrupt, accidental, amazing, astonishing, chance, electrifying, eye-opening, fortuitous, from left field, impetuous, impulsive, instantaneous, not bargained for, not in the cards, out of the blue, payback, prodigious, staggering, startling, stunning, sudden, swift, unanticipated, unforeseen, unheralded, unlooked-for, unpredictable, unpredicted, wonderful, aberrant, anomalistic, anomalous, atypical, bizarre, curious, deviant, deviate, deviating, divergent, eccentric, exceptional, extraordinary, fantastic, funny, grody, gross, heteroclite, heterodox, heteromorphic, irregular, odd, off-base, off-color, out of line, peculiar, preternatural, queer, screwy, spastic, strange, uncommon, unnatural, unorthodox, unusual, weird.

Today's completely unexpected news on 'job growth' in our second 'summer of recovery' - NYT:

Job Growth at Halt in U.S.; Worst Showing in 11 Months

Obama The economy failed to add new jobs in August, the first time there has been no increase in net jobs in the United States in 11 months.

The flat performance in the job market was down sharply from a revised 85,000 gain of jobs in July, the Labor Department said Friday, and was far below a consensus forecast by economists of 60,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate stayed constant at 9.1 percent in August.

Yes, we disagree with the NYT that the economy is to blame for today's unemployment rate.

Unemployment started its climb the moment Obama won election.

Was it uncertainty of the coming policies that caused this, as most say?

Or was it the certainty that Obama's policies would be destructive that led to layoffs and belt-tightening?

Does it matter?

Today's Bourgeois news - WSJ:

Amazon Offers California-Jobs Plan in Exchange for Sales-Tax Reprieve Inc. has put forward a plan that would create thousands of jobs in California in exchange for a reprieve from the state's new Internet sales tax law...

Obama is giving a speech next week during the GOP debate. during a football game.

He announced this speech last month between golf outings while on vacation.

'Focused like a laser on jobs' since 2009, he shows great restraint in not rushing into such an important speech. This speech will go down in history as one of his biggest - up there with his March 2008 Race Speech and his July 2008 Berlin speech.

If jobs are the subject, we know one thing: If he wants to add jobs, he'll embrace conservatism. If he wants to continue on this path of >9% unemployment, he must continue to embrace liberalism, progressivism, socialism, communism.

Check back next week for our response to his speech.

UPDATED 10 minutes later....

Here is a third related story - NYT:

U.S. Is Set to Sue a Dozen Big Banks Over Mortgages

The federal agency that oversees the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is set to file suits against more than a dozen big banks, accusing them of misrepresenting the quality of mortgage securities they assembled and sold at the height of the housing bubble, and seeking billions of dollars in compensation.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency suits, which are expected to be filed in the coming days in federal court, are aimed at Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, among others, according to three individuals briefed on the matter.


1) Will these lawsuits result in more jobs at the targeted banks, or less?

2) Do these lawsuits reflect conservative values, or liberal, progressive, or communist values?

3) Would Karl Marx approve of these lawsuits?

4) Would these lawsuits, and threats of similar government lawsuits, qualify as reasons for uncertainty in the private sector?

5) Does Obama have input on these lawsuits and others generated within government agencies, or are these agencies acting independently of Obama?

Instead of asking these questions, we might as well be pissing into the wind....


Obama's Jobs Campaign Speech is tonight, so bumping this relevant post.

this was good for laugh - seen at Yahoo's Market page just now:

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