Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Great Jabs, but...

...we are officially calling Newt Gingrich unqualified for our 2012 primary vote.

Prof. Jacobson posts today: Newt Rising?

Newt Gingrich has had some stellar appearances at the recent GOP debates. He firmly grasps the priorities of the tea party and of the electorate in general. Here are two clips that the professor posted:

Good stuff, eh? We hope Speaker Gingrich continues to frame the issues of today as he did in these clips above. It is good for everyone.


The man has a history of grasping the issues, then drifting into some touchy-feeling legacy-enhancing moral fog. Thus becoming ineffective with no moral core.

In other words, he became bipartisan when being partisan was unpopular. A great guy and worthy of the presidency in a world without fringe tea partiers and multi-trillion dollar deficits, but not the right guy for 2012.

Our Gingrich post from May when his campaign office was in disarray.

Our list of qualified 2012 primary candidates - Updated with this post.

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