Friday, August 24, 2012

Why Gas Prices are High

Short answer: Liberals Socialists.

Longer answer:

Canada has an estimated 176 billion barrels of oil in their Oil Sands deposits.

Canada wanted to sell this oil to the US.  The US president dithered on the proposed Keystone Pipeline, and in November 2011 decided to punt his possible approval to 2013. 

Oil has other buyers, and fast-growing Communist China is thirsty for more oil.  Canada is now building a pipeline West, instead of South.  Read more at Bloomberg (Jan 2012) and Breitbart (Jun 2012).  Photo from Salon.

The wikipedia map below shows the global oil reserves with darker purple showing larger reserves.  The only other dark spot in our hemisphere is Communist Venezuela.  One wonders what negotiating strategy President Obama is using for getting oil in the quantities and prices best for the US.

Our socialist president says no to a new and plentiful oil source in our region.  Communist China steps up and the oil is diverted West.  But now a new wrinkle - Canadian socialists. friend Mischa Popoff writes in The American Thinker about the efforts to squeeze as much out of the new Westward pipeline as possible by the Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark.

Clark is predicting all sorts of disasters that could occur if a pipeline running across her province were to spring a leak.  But I can guarantee you it's all just a bunch of trumped-up, phony-baloney environmental posturing, because after all, she's stating pretty clearly that more money will solve the problem.

No...not more money to ensure that the pipeline won't burst, or more money in some sort of environmental-protection contingency fund that could be drawn upon at such time as there is a leak.  No, silly -- Premier Clark simply wants more money in her general-revenue coffers so she can spend it right away, and hopefully get herself re-elected.

You see, the environmentalism card is the only card she can play to hold the pipeline hostage.  But the purpose has nothing to do with the environment.  She, like most liberal politicians, is desperate to pad her bankrupt public pensions to buy just a little more time.  Popoff explains:

Never mind that this province's public sector currently costs taxpayers more than $3 billion across 90 largely useless government agencies.

Never mind that public-sector wages and benefits far exceed anything you'll ever get in the private sector.

Never mind that public-sector employees work shorter hours and retire earlier than anyone in the private sector.


Everyone in the private sector works hard to fund his retirement.  Then we all work even harder to fund the public sector's retirements.

Read it all here.

U/T: Mischa Popoff

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