Monday, August 20, 2012

Newsweek, We're Not Buying It

As an avid watcher of the communist inspirations coming from our so-called main stream media, we call BullS**t on the news magazine that recently sold for $1.  (not a magazine, the company!)

Check out our Headline Analysis videos in the Campaigns section to the left, or click the MSM link at the bottom of this post, to get a feel for our understanding of their tactics.

Newsweek's issue this week will not change the fact that every Newsweek employee, writer, and editor will support Obama in November. Once they are reminded of their core values, such as abortion or abortion, they will fall in line and make up other reasons to justify their renewed support for our dear leader's re-election.

It costs Newsweek one issue to give them the defense that they are objective.  Or fair and balanced.  Or whatever.  A liberal is a liberal, and the entire MSM is filled with liberals as the MSM continually forgives bad judgement.

We'd suggest Newsweek doubled their valuation with this edition, but who'd want to own and run a $2 business in Obama's America?  You didn't print that!

UPDATED 7:45pm:

Big Hairy News makes some small edits to the cover.

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