Saturday, August 11, 2012

Today's News - Paul Ryan is our next VP

Paul Ryan for VP.  Clearly the American economy is Romney's focus.  As it should be.

Photos: ForAmerica, and The Looking Spoon

UPDATE 10 Minutes Later:

And it starts.  Yahoo enables the MSM's message of, well, anything.


It is time for America to learn about this man.  The libs will listen to MSNBC and will be cheated.  For us, here are some key items:

Paul Ryans full acceptance speech.  Wow.

10:50 mark.  Watch the crowd's reaction!

If you have a small business, you did build that.

WSJ Political columnist John Fund says "Smart Democrats Should Be Worried." has he won election seven times in a Democratic district? His lowest share of the vote was 57 percent — in his first race. He routinely wins over two-thirds of the vote. When Obama swept the nation in 2008, he carried Ryan’s district by four points. But at the same time, Ryan won reelection with 65 percent of the vote, meaning that a fifth of Obama voters also voted for him.

Need more?  NiceDeb has a ton of Ryan videos and links to more info.

U/T: NiceDeb

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