Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Peace and Freedom My Ass

Rosanne Barr is on the short list of living stains on America, behind Jane Fonda, Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen and Eric Holder.

She is the candidate for president on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket.

You may have heard of other Peace and Freedom leaders.

Lenin promised to get his country out of an unpopular war.  He was for Peace!  He brought the Red Army home from WWI, then deployed them to the nation's farms and Gulag system.

Stalin followed as a Peace and Freedom leader.  He refused to defend his border against Germany despite numerous and credible warnings that zGermans were going to head East.  By grasping Peace and Freedom, zGermans made it to the suburbs of Moscow before the Soviets could push them back.  25 million died as zGermans moved in, then moved out.

Barack Obama promised to get his country out of an unpopular war.  The troops are still there, and their commanders never get a returned call when asking for support.  And welfare recipients now enjoy the new Freedom of not having to make an effort to find work.

Peace and Freedom always leads to War and Slavery.  Pick a book or two from the Library list on the left of this screen to learn more.

We'll be voting in November for a candidate that will strive for Peace, but will thump-with-vengence anyone who chooses to take advantage of a friendly America.

U/T: FB Comrade Eric for last photo.

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