Sunday, May 13, 2012


What is it with Liberals and their "resets"?

Lenin did a reset, called The New Economic Policy or NEP, back in 21 when his policies failed.  NEP gave some rights back to the people - just enough to cause a pause in the rebellions outside Moscow.  Those rebellions were later crushed and their participants executed.

Then Hillary brings a reset button to her meeting with the Russians.  How'd that go?  Didn't they recently threaten to bomb our anti-missile defense systems?  The defense systems that are meant to save lives?

And now Obama has taken money from the productive class to help reset 200,000 home loans - reducing the principle by as much as $150,000 for each homeowner.  The principle.  Meaning, our Dear Leader has helped 200,000 voters pay down the debts that they sought.

Bank of America, recipient of TARP and thus beholden to our Dear Leader, has made this reset offer.  Yahoo story.

No doubt this latest reset will be touted by the Liberals Progressives Communists in the MSM as a great and generous gift to those most in need.

What it really is: 

Diluting the definition of private property.

One may ask: What other contracts can be rewritten?

Those 'homeowners' no longer can complain when the government stops by to check their smart meter, confiscate any food items not approved by the state, or to confirm all guns are unloaded and locked away.

One more checkmark on our Obama Checklist.

The only reset we want to see is each and every commie in the US government out on their asses after the November election.


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