Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy May Day!

Here is a picture from English Russia - Moscow, May 1, 1920.

You may recall, 1920 was a tough year.

Lenin was in his third year after taking office and the Tea Party was in full force.

Russians blamed Lenin's policies for their problems when it was really Tsar G. W. Bush's fault.

Some sailors offshore from St. Petersburg wrote negative comments in their Facebook accounts which led to a severe scolding by Trotsky.

20,000+ peasants SE of Moscow also frowned on the Lenin collectivization efforts and expressed themselves to local commissars in the most outspoken manner.

It took a whole lot of hope and change to restore order and achieve the Revolution's objectives, such as universal health care, shovel-ready projects, and a pot in every hut.

May 1st is our day to celebrate that hope and change.

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