Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Picture Says It All

We have open sores on our scalp from scratching our head so much on this particular topic. Is it just too hard to communicate the hypocrisy of the left in their effort to convey economic doom and gloom this election season? Are they so loyal to their ideology that they consciously ignore good news during a Republican-led administration?

We've had the pleasure of arguing this topic with die-hard liberals. One particular conversation, two months ago, went like this:

Liberal: You have no idea how bad this [economy] is. There are more comparisons with the Great Depression now than anytime since.

Karl: Isn't the un-employment rate at 4.7%? Hasn't it been lower under Bush than anytime since the rate was tracked?

Liberal (agitated): You don't understand! That doesn't mean those are good jobs.

Karl (feigning ignorance): But still, more are working now than ever before, right?

Liberal (from the high horse): That is not a useful calculation. There are people that aren't working that aren't counted.

Karl (w/ confused look): But the employment calculation is the same now as before, right? They didn't change the calculation method under Bush, did they?

Liberal (cornered): You watch Fox News, don't you?!

Ahh, checkmate!

By the way, employment is now at 5%. But, that has NOTHING to do with the recent 40% increase in the minimum wage!

So, it was refreshing to see Red Planet Cartoon make this point in one simple cartoon. Another Ushanka Tip to RPC!

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