Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Our thanks to the troops, our President, and to those that wave the flag!

Update 5.27: Adding two inspiring stories:

From Saturday's Wall Street Journal, Protesting the Antiwar Protestors. About Pennsylvanian Rich Davis who has led the anti-antiwar protests. An excerpt-

Mr. Davis had been building to such a decision for a long time. He was just a kid during the Vietnam War, but he is still bothered by the disrespect heaped on returning Vietnam vets in the 1960s and '70s. In part that is because, in 1967, Mr. Davis attended the funeral of a man he idolized – his sister's boyfriend, Marine Lance Cpl. Alan R. Schultz from Levittown, Pa. Schultz was killed by mortar fire in Vietnam.

"Al was a great guy," Mr. Davis remembers. "When we got the word that he had been killed, I felt the bottom fall out. I cried the rest of that summer."

Even today, Mr. Davis can't look at an antiwar protest without thinking that Schultz, his comrades and their modern-day counterparts are being disrespected. So after seeing the war protesters each week, Mr. Davis said to himself, "Not this war. Not this time."

"We're not silent anymore," Mr. Davis told me. "We refuse to let antiwar protesters have the stage to themselves."

And a great story of Gene Brinsom, wife of Sgt. James Brinsom, who has put yellow ribbons along the route that her husband will drive when he returns from Iraq. Local blogger and Commie Obama hat owner Sondrak has the write-up.

Last, our thanks to Yahoo! for recognizing the holiday. We wouldn't normally say thanks to a US corporation for this, but their competitor offers a stark contrast. Little Green Footballs has more.