Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Obama Gaffe #3665

And counting...

Can this guy fit any more incorrect statements into a day? Could he if he tried?

So Obama has an Uncle that liberated Auschwitz. Not the brother of his Mom, herself an only child. Maybe it was a great uncle, and maybe it was Buchenwald that he might have helped liberate. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe we'll get this right some day.

The gaffes of Obama, and every other liberal who finds it easier to make up history than to learn it, are not the reason behind Our mission is to track communist activities around the globe and communist inspirations nationally. It is unfortunate that the Democrats continue to nominate candidates that cannot keep one foot grounded in reality, and that we are forced to lower our standards to report endless 'mis-statements'.

Amanda Carpenter has more on this latest Obama quote.

Michelle Malkin lists recent Obama Gaffes.

Charles Krauthamer writes:

...a presidential candidate makes a gaffe, then, realizing it is too egregious to take back without suffering humiliation, decides to make it a centerpiece of his foreign policy.