Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Victory Over Fascism

In case you've been living in a hole these past 66 years, Russia saved us all from Fascism.

And in case you were shoved into a labor re-education death camp 66 years ago, you would have been proud to know the country that put you into that camp had saved us all from Fascism.

Russia celebrated with their annual Victory Over Fascism parade.

Here is the video. Notice the Rose Parade moving-camera shots. We celebrate stupid flower floats, they celebrate armor. Would the world be a safer place if we all celebrated flower floats, or armor?

EnglishRussia has some pictures from the parade...

...and from the event itself.

There is no argument for Russia's cost in WWII. They lost millions of civilians and millions of soldiers. But we recall another force that drove in from the West to meet the Soviets in Berlin. A force that provided liberty for the Germans in their sector, while those in the Eastern sector were without liberty. We all remember... just some of us remember it all.

Video found at NewZeal.

UPDATED 5.14 We were not supposed to see this. Luckily it was a parade and not an invasion into Poland, Finland, Afghanistan, Georgia, or some other country. Again from EnglishRussia.

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