Saturday, May 21, 2011

Karl Marx - Did You Know?

Karl Marx.
We knew he was a fat bum - think Michael Moore.
We knew he lived off of friends - think Daily Kos bloggers.
We knew his scribblings were driven by envy - think Daily Kos again.

What we did not know:
He had 5 children.
Plus one child he fathered with his wife's housekeeper.
Two of his children died due to his poverty.

Allow us to share what we learned this morning as we were reading Ann Coulter's To Liberals, Every Woman Looks Like a Hotel Maid. Her article is about that French IMF guy who assaulted the maid in his $3000/night hotel in New York. She closes with:

Like Spitzer, Luster and Polanski, liberal men seem driven by their massive insecurities (often based on physical defects, such as their diminutive size or soap allergies) to choose unconscious, illiterate, servant-class and teenage females as their sex partners. But let's not drag pocket-sized Woody Allen's name into this, as my column appears in many family newspapers.

Karl Marx kept a female slave from the time she was 8 years old, eventually using her not only as a servant but as his mistress, never acknowledging his child with her or paying her at all. She waited on him hand and foot while he explained to the world that profit is the stolen surplus value of the laborer. Like so many liberal icons, Marx seldom bathed and left his wife and children in poverty.

As Schlafly says, no wonder liberal women think men are pigs: Their men are pigs.

Is it any surprise Ann owns one of our Commie Obama hats?

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