Saturday, May 14, 2011


Victor Davis Hanson asks some questions at Pajama's Media. Our favorites:

d) In his speech on the debt a month ago, Obama seemed confused over the sudden additional $5 trillion in debt. But who ran that up between 2009-2011? A Republican House, Senate, or President Bush? A Republican-controlled Congress? And what happened to his own debt commission?

g) We are to believe that future additional drilling in the U.S. will not help lower world oil or gas prices, but calling on the Middle East to pump more, or praising Brazil’s proposed commitment to offshore exploration, will?

i) How can increasing five-fold Predator targeted assassination missions against suspected terrorists, dropping precision bombs to take out the person and family of Muammar Gaddafi, and ordering a hit on Bin Laden be considered OK, but waterboarding three admitted terrorists who claimed responsibility for 9/11 and gave information that led to the demise of bin Laden be considered both amoral and illegal?

He also predicts the four tactics for Obama's 2012 campaign:

1) There will be no reference to or defense of four years of record massive debt, sky-high gas prices, creeping inflation, 9% unemployment, or slow growth— only on the “mess” that Obama inherited 48 months prior.

2) Constant demonization of a bogeyman “they” and “them”.

3) Race all the time.

4) Money and media: raise a billion dollars from the Wall Street and corporate BP/Goldman Sachs types that one trashes publicly. Ignore public campaign financing again, while praising government intervention everywhere else. Praise and court high-brow media (NPR, NY Times, CBS, NBC, etc.) while not letting up on the usual demons — Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity, Drudge, etc.

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