Friday, October 31, 2008

Useful Idiots No Longer?

The Obama campaign dis-invited three reporters from their plane today. Drudge reports the NY Post, Dallas Morning News and the Washington Times - all papers that endorsed McCain - will no longer be allowed to ride with the campaign.

Our reaction to this makes us think of a man on the deck of the sinking Titanic saying to another, "I'm glad I ordered the Lobster tonight." It is coming to an end, but somehow we can still joke about it.

Think about it. The media, even the papers above, have given Obama a full pass this election year on major issues ranging from Ayers, to unanswered questions about gun control, to the effects of redistributive policies. No media outlet, including FOX News, has led, and pushed, with any of the critical issues to bring awareness and transparency. The next four years may be a disaster that dwarf Carter's epic failures thanks to the MSM, yet the humor will be rich: the MSM will join the rest of us when we are told what to think, where and where not to work, and how much of our property belongs to the state.

Lenin was right - Useful Idiots Indeed.

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