Thursday, October 23, 2008

General Powell - Some Thoughts

One. We are disappointed that the General would endorse a candidate that espouses 'Reward first, work second' when Powell himself achieved a level in the Army, and later our government, that can only be attained by effort, judgement and achievement. Three things the Democratic candidate lacks.

Two. We lose sleep when old men do things like this. Will we live a life of values and integrity, establishing consistency and predictability in our decisions and motives, only to throw it all away one day?

Three. We are glad we left the Army at Captain. Looking at Powell and W. Clark for example, it appears to go further up the ranks is to compromise principle. (Looking at Generals Franks, Petraus and the many others, we know Powell and Clark are the exceptions.)

Four. Rush Limbaugh asked: "When was the last time Powell endorsed an inexperienced white candidate?"

Five. Bret Stephens provides his list in his Tuesday WSJ article, Powell Catches the Beltway Breeze. (Picture above is from his article). The conclusion of this wonderful article:

The standard view of Mr. Powell's tenure at State is that he had a diplomat's brain but a soldier's heart, and soldiers ultimately do as ordered. Maybe. Another view is that he is a man with an unfailing sense of the political breeze, like a kite. His endorsement of Mr. Obama sends his reputation aloft again, floating high above a record that stands for nothing.

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