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Obama & The New Party

We would say "We told you so", but as an avid reader you were already 'in the know'. Click anywhere - this site's whole purpose for existing is to connect the Democrat dots with the Commie dots. It's just a coincidence that the current Democratic nominee for president is




Our fellow bloggers have run wild with this latest story about Obama's connection with the marxist New Party (NP) and the Democratic Socialists for America (DSA). We have read everything we could find, and are providing you an executive summary on the topic along with links to the blog posts with original content and expert analysis.


The DSA established the NP to move their socialist principles forward through elected officials.

Membership in the NP was the method for Democrats to convey their leftward intentions, to differentiate from the moderate Democrats.

A tactic of the NP, and other groups, was called "Fusion", which allowed a Democrat to join the New Party and combine the votes from both parties in a primary. This allowed a NP candidate to defeat their moderate opponents who ran only on the Democratic ticket. It appears Obama benefitted from Fusion in his 1996 win. The Supreme Court ruled Fusion unconstitutional in 1998, and the NP dissolved shortly thereafter.

The DSA exists today.

Obama's Links to DSA and NP:

The news that put this topic back on the blogosphere front page: Obama signed a contract with the New Party promising "a visible and active relationship with the NP". The controversy - back in June the Obama campaign, along with the DSA and NP, denied NP or DSA membership. Ever. Blogger Politically Drunk on Power found a deleted, yet archived, NP webpage from October 1996 announcing member Obama's recent primary victory - link.

The same blogger also found recognition in the "Progressive Populist" magazine from November 1996 that states Obama was a NP member - link.

Thomas Lifson at the American Thinker digs deeper and finds evidence of Obama's NP membership from 1995 in the DSA's publication, New Ground 42 - link.

The DSA has endorsed Obama

...DSA believes that the possible election of Senator Obama to the presidency in November represents a potential opening for social and labor movements to generate the critical political momentum necessary to implement a progressive political agenda.


Obama is a closet commie, and our fellow bloggers are starting to take notice.

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