Thursday, August 14, 2008


PUMA, or Party Unity My Ass, is something to watch in the next two weeks. PUMA is a movement of disaffected Hillary supporters that reject the unity message of the Obama campaign and the DNC. This movement is pushing Delegates and Super Delegates to either repeat their support for Hillary, or change their vote to Hillary.

PUMA's message is clear: 1) Obama is not electable. 2) Obama was nominated by selection, not election.

Watch for PUMA references in Denver! Here is a taste - a snippet from PUMA PAC:

Gov. Rendell’s pressure on delegates to pipe down and fall in line is just one of many in a concerted, serious, and outrageous effort to hold the Unity Pony in check at ALL COSTS. Delegates in Colorado being threatened with replacement if they sign the 300 Petition; delegates in Kentucky told they will be “primaried” and punished by the Party if they ask for a roll call vote and nomination. And outrageous (and I mean OUTRAGEOUS) pressure on Hillary to RELEASE her delegates immediately in order to KILL the NOMINATION question DEAD.

Here are some links we found on the PUMA movement:

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YouTube: TristKiss

Hillary Supporters of the World, Unite!