Monday, August 04, 2008

MSM Bias - Spike Detected

Daily visitors will have noticed an obvious spike (>2x) in the number of biased headlines posted to our home page. We'll watch your ratings to confirm our suspicions that the bias intensity has increased as well.

Here are some of the August headlines (go to the home page for links, voting and commenting):

Can Paulson Save the Economy?
Interview: McCain on Energy, Torture and Gaffes
Obama leads McCain among low-wage workers: poll

Obama says offshore drilling stance nothing new
GOP convention attracting array of demonstrators
A Push to Wrest More Oil From Land, but Most New Wells Are foe Natural Gas

GOP takes over empty House floor
Obama's Paris Visit Captivates French Minorities
Obama Camp See Potential GOP Discontent

Poll: Hispanic Voters Back Obama by Wide Margins Did Obama Snub Wounded Troops? McCain Links Castro With Obama

Is there a sense among the liberal elites that 'Everything Seemingly is Spining Out of Control'?

Update 3PM PST: We found a good video on MSM bias, released today, at Ed Driscoll's site. U/T to Ed.

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