Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MSM Response to Obama VP Pick

Here is what we expect from the MSM once Obama announces his VP pick. MSM outlets: please give us due credit if you decide to use our material. Thanks.

It is no wonder Barack Obama kept us in suspense! This magnanimous announcement of the distinguished ___ for VP was worth the wait as much as it was transcendent. ___ will compliment the ticket with __X__ (choose: years, months) of experience as a pragmatist and seasoned problem-solver with successes in ____ (choose: Global, National, or Hollywood) challenges. Barack Obama is clearly selfless in his VP choice, obviously willing to share the stage with ___. Clearly Obama has put America and her problems first and foremost, ahead of any personal ambition or praise.

Choosing ___ is a serious choice made by a serious candidate. The benefits to the campaign are incalculable. Incomputable. It is too early for polling data, but this decision is expected to thrust the Obama campaign to numbers rarely seen in modern politics.

The excitement Obama has injected into his campaign by naming ___ as VP is in stark contrast to the failed policies of the Republican Party and their chosen successor to George W. Bush, John McCain. The Obama campaign, in this first-class VP selection, has once again demonstrated a noticeable shift away from illegal wars, alienation of allies, and failed diplomacy.

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