Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Obama's Record - Low Income Housing

Here is our latest video. It is a sad tale about a housing area called Grove Parc in Chicago. This is the area where Obama gave four years as a community organizer, four years in a law firm offering neighborhood economic development, 8 years as Grove Parc's representative in the Illinois State Senate, and four years as a US Senator.

Grove Parc received TWENTY years of Obama's attention. The streets should be paved in gold, right?

Three questions:

1) Should Obama be given yet another chance to help this community?

2) Do the residents of Grove Parc appreciate his help thus far?

3) Is it worth risking that the rest of America will resemble Grove Parc after an Obama administration?

U/T: Pictures are from Doug Ross' blog.

Quotes from the Boston.com article, Grim proving ground for Obama's housing policy. See their video at the article too.

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