Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama Plays the Race Card

Once the momentum builds, we may not remember who started talking about race, and when. If Obama is saying he has to defend against racial attacks, that must mean McCain, or his loony hat-wearing right-wingers must be attacking his race. Obama wouldn't bring up the need to defend against racism if there wasn't any racism. Right?

Here are three headlines from today. It appears that the MSM is just as anxious as Obama to defend against all this racism...

CNN: Obama, McCain gear up for race-based attacks Obama braces for race-based ads as GOP vows fair but tough campaign

Reuters: Obama's race a campaign issue: poll, interviews

If Obama and the MSM continue to distract and to steer the election dialogue to race, and away from wealth redistribution, gun control, socialized medicine or any other commie inspiration... Obama might win the election.

You heard it here first.

UPDATE 6.24: Or, maybe you heard it here first! Check out Cass' post at Villainous Company. We added her to our blogroll, and copied the image below from her post. U/T: Cass!