Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama: The Nature of the Proletariat

Little Green Footballs is having a field day.. no, a field week... with the official Obama website. Open directories, searches on "Marx" and "Jewish Lobby" and many more are turning up many unmoderated blogs within his site. LGF has been so effective, these blogs are starting to disappear and the Obama campaign has a new job opening for a network security specialist.

it wasn't network security, as we're sure Obama's camp will tell us it was. No, it was pure, old fashioned liberalism run amok.

Of the 50+ links at LGF, one caught our eye: The Nature of the Proletariat. Don't they know the primaries are over??

...it is important to remeber that the Red Revolution actually succeded with in the Proletariat Revolution, and failed due to Lenin's pathetic abandonment of Marxist philosophy.

Classic. Communism isn't wrong. It just hasn't been executed properly in the past. If the 100 million were here today, they'd all sigh, "Here we go again".

Here is a link to a screen shot if the link above fails.