Sunday, June 15, 2008

Boumediene v. Bush

We've been, and still are, stunned beyond words at Thursday's ruling giving our enemies access to the US courts as if they were US citizens. Rush summarizes our feelings best in his Monday Morning Update:

On June 12, the Supreme Court bestowed constitutional rights on foreign-born terrorists. The ruling is a chilling demonstration of the American divide; conservative and liberal. Four liberals on the Court -- aided by Justice Kennedy -- grabbed power. Their decision overturned precedent since our Founding that placed the prosecution of wars within the Executive Branch.

Democrats are celebrating the ruling amid warnings that it's going to cost American troops their lives. But this decision has even broader implications. In short order, liberal jurists have turned American law upside-down:

•They have stripped voters of free-speech rights and political debate.
•They have stripped homeowners of rights to their own property -- should politicians decide to seize it for developers.
•They have stripped parents of their rights to discipline their own children, while redefining the very definition of marriage.
•They have ruled illegal immigrants must be accorded the same protections as citizens -- and American taxpayers must support them.
•They have pushed God from the public square.
•They have used junk science to place the interests of animals above those of people.
•They have stripped the most sacred protection -- the right to life -- from infants in the womb.

What power liberals cannot achieve at the ballot box, they seize through the courts. This is the "change" Obama and his fellow liberals desire. And the America they're creating is not the America we know, folks... or an America most of you will even want to know. Buck up.

UPDATE 6.16.08:

Peter Wehner, NRO, "Supreme Disgrace"

And so it has come to this: The United States Supreme Court now routinely invents constitutional rights to support whatever social, political, and legal goals it deems desirable. It is so much easier to legislate from the bench than it is through the branches of government that were created by our Founders to do just that.

But if one is going to invent Constitutional rights out of thin air, it’s worth asking: What moral universe do Justices Kennedy, Breyer, Ginsburg, Stephens, and Souter inhabit when they are willing to manufacture constitutional rights for unlawful enemy combatants who want to slit the throats and watch innocent Americans bleed and die while at the same time uphold manufactured constitutional rights that allow people to abort innocent unborn children?

What the Court decided Thursday was an intellectual, jurisprudential, and moral disgrace, and if John McCain is wise he’ll make this decision a focal point of the presidential race.

2nd UPDATE 6.16.08: Found at Grouchy Old Cripple