Monday, September 14, 2009

The Trilogy: ACORN in NY

Prior to becoming our Dear Leader, Obama worked for ACORN as an attorney and trainer.

It is to his credit that we can get the same advice regardless of which ACORN office we walk into.

As Mikhail says, "Obama is ACORN".

Today, a third video emerges. This time, an ACORN office in New York City:

Link to FoxNews Story. No stories at CNN or MSNBC, again. Why are some news outlets ignoring a criminal organization that will soon get over $4 billion in taxpayer money? Didn't the media used to do stings like this?

A big Ushanka Tip to James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles.

UPDATE - 10 minutes later...

We continued searching for more MSM outlets that are covering this story. A Google News search shows that FoxNews is the primary for the top three ACORN-related news stories.

We did notice the San Francisco Chronicle link in the top news story. Here is a link to their article, and an excerpt from the objective news organization:

What they reportedly did was go around America on a tour of different ACORN offices posing as pimp and prostitute. According to CNN, most ACORN offices called the police on them with the exception of the Washington and Baltimore offices.

The link that SD Chronicle offers to the CNN article does not mention any case where the police were called.

...the ACORN workers were wrong of course. Do you think I'm going to defend someone giving tax evasion tips to a pimp and his, well, you know. (I can't help but wonder if O'Keefe and Giles were sleeping together during their tour posing as people who were in the sex business. I mean all that talk and travel had to make them horny at some point, right?)

Well. Now the major paper in San Francisco (offering online only now) can say they covered the story.

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