Thursday, September 10, 2009

Correction: Commie Liar

We missed it! Typical conservative American - we chose family activities over TV last night.

SC Congressman Joe Wilson stands up and yells "You Lie" to our Dear Leader during his Healthcare grovel to congress last night.

Sweetness & Light calls it "The Shout Heard Around the World".

We recognize this face. It is the face of every tea-partier and townhall'r that we've encountered in the past 6 months.

Apparently, one member of congress still represents his constituents.

From the blog, Truth and Common Sense:

Obama reacted with anger. Pelosi reacted with shock (at least I think it was shock. It is hard to tell with a face that can’t move.). But Biden was classic. He just hung his head like the kid who knew all along they were all going to get caught. Seriously, he must have been the only one thinking, “Shoot, this will be on YOUTUBE in about five minutes. We’ve been had, it’s all over now.”

The 1:24 minute video ("You Lie" is at 1:18):

More from Truth and Common Sense:

Wilson took what I hear was a long bitch session and turned it into one minute and twenty four seconds with his words the last you hear.

That my friends is brilliant and nothing to be sorry for.

Watch for a cigar post later today. This is too good to not celebrate.

U/T: Truth and Common Sense, SondraK, Sweetness & Light

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