Sunday, April 12, 2009

"We Want Them Registered"

So said Speaker Pelosi of our guns in an ABC interview on April 7th. David Workman at has the full story, with additional perspectives from Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and other leaders of the Democrat party.

It appears the who's who of the legislative and executive branches are finding their voices on gun control. For the sake of Mexico, they say. A pessimist would say legislation is soon to follow, and we don't like pessimists. Those pessimists are full of warnings like rising unemployment, trillion dollar liberal boondoggles disguised as "stimulus", and a US president firing the CEO of a private company.

One question. If there is such a market for our guns in Mexico, why are we selling them at lower prices at the local gun show rather than at a premium at the border?

We still think if Obama and Hillary were really serious about the Mexicans buying our guns, they'd build a wall. Think of the union jobs!

In other gun news... let us know if you notice any bias in this CNN clip provided by NewsBusters:

U/T: Commie Obama hat owner, John Lott

Last - enjoy this 10-minute clip of NRA President Wayne LaPierre:

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