Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lona Manning - American Thinker

Lona Manning at American Thinker takes a stab as a MSM coorespondent:

Dear Leader Inspects Model Factory on Earth Day

State News wire service, dateline April 23, 2009 - Yesterday the Dear Leader continued his tireless work on behalf of the people of the Democratic Republic. He traveled almost two thousand miles from Washington and back to visit the Model Factory at Newton, where he inspected the factory and then exhorted the workers to build more wind turbines.

How the Dear Leader cares for the people at the factory! Even the running-dog enemies of the people admit that no-one would have their jobs at the wind turbine factory if the Dear Leader did not give them federal tax credits!

In fact, even workers in other countries, such as Germany, are happy to make wind turbines because they are so inspired by the Dear Leader!

The workers at the Trinity Structural Powers Manufacturing Plant also rejoiced when the Dear Leader told them that they, the people, would have the honor of paying for new cars for all the hard-working government servants.

"We are so proud that we will help the economy by paying for these cars," exclaimed one worker. "The Dear Leader explained how we will borrow money to buy cars and then we will pay for them later! This will save the environment and the economy at the same time!"

The factory used to make bourgeois washing machines...

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