Wednesday, April 01, 2009

How to Behave Among Commies, Part 1 of Many

Henry Gomez writes Going to Bat for Cuba at RealClearWorld.
Henry blogs at Babalu Blog - a blog dedicated to current events related to the communist prison called Cuba.
Babalu Blog is one of our few daily blogs. The anti-communist force is strong within.

Henry sets the standard for behavior when in the presence of the hammer & sickle crowd (below).
He also sets the standard for behavior when confronted by the commies (article).

Soon I was in the second row behind Cuba’s dugout. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of Fidel Castro’s son, Antonio Castro, standing about 15 feet from me. For his blogging efforts, my buddy Val was honored with a visit to the White House to meet the president, while my reward was to be able to sit within spitting distance of Fidel Castro’s son.

I didn’t spit at him, though. I heckled him. I said that Dashiell, an ex-girlfriend of his, sent her regards (not true) and that she’s now acting in porno films (true). I yelled that this is a great country because even Fidel’s son can visit. To the team I yelled that it’s a free country. I yelled “Let them stay, let them stay,” referring to the ballplayers who might be thinking of defecting. Then I yelled “Major Leagues, Major Leagues” to tempt them. Then Ichiro Suzuki hit a triple and I proclaimed that he makes millions in the major leagues. I shouted the names of Cuban major league players like Livan Hernandez and Jose Contreras. I repeated all these things many times in Spanish.

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