Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stimulus, or Reparations? is a White Guilt Free Zone. We never owned a slave, never wanted to, and would advise our friends to steer clear of the slave trade. While others may support the government taking money from us non-slave owners to stimulate the economy for those freed, we do not.

Why not take this money from the group that has kept these targeted minorities in shackles (low income housing, low income jobs, etc.) for the past 40 years? The group that fought Lincoln's efforts to free the slaves. The group that fought against the Civil Rights legislation in the 60's. The group that excuses, and even praises, single-parenting - the core reason for the decline in the black family and their current inner-city plight. The group that asks these victims to repeatedly vote for them, but then keeps the victims in dire conditions while claiming to fight their cause.

Put bluntly, why don't these slave owners, the Democratic Party, take responsibility for the damage they've done and pay out of their own pocket?

No stimulus plan will reverse the damage done to the communities Robert Reich mentions. It will take a paradigm shift. An end to excuse-making and handout-expectations.

At least Robert Reich didn't try to hide the intent in poetic nuance.

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