Thursday, January 01, 2009

Pundit wants to be sportswriter, Part II

We can't help ourselves! This is what we think when we click through the Reuter's slideshows. Besides, New Years Day is for football...

First Down, Israel!

The Gazans, outraged, call for a flag on the play. There is none.

The fourth quarter surge is paying dividends for the Israelis. It appears they have grown tired of the 2000+ "Rocket" plays by the Gazans, and have decided their shrinking end-zone is worth defending. Their fans agree:

Some of the Gazan fans, shocked by the turn of events are blaming another team that isn't even in the same league - the Bush Team...

Whiile other Gazan fans re-use their tried-but-true cheers:

Gazan players taken to the locker room with injuries or equipment failures in the past 24 hours:

Sheikh Nizar Rayyan, Hamas leader and cleric
Mohammad Baroud, a top Popular Resistance Committees operative
Hasim Drili, a northern Gaza Hamas operative
Tafik Abu Raf, a Hamas terror operative in the central Gaza Strip

Not one Reuters player has been hurt despite their presence on the Gazan side of the field. We anticipate the fans' outrage when the first Reuters player is injured...

Pictures from Reuters, Doug Ross and SondraK.