Thursday, January 15, 2009

The REAL Middle East Peace Process

From the Jerusalem Post:

IDF shells struck the United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, according to UN officials, and UN spokesman Chris Gunness said at least three people were wounded.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in Israel Thursday for talks with leaders regarding a possible cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, expressed "strong protest and outrage" at the reported Israeli shelling of the UN compound in Gaza.

Ban demanded an investigation into Thursday's shelling...

Ok. Here is the investigation:

After decades of letting the international community and their league-o-thugs, the United Nations, dictate how many Israeli citizens must die in order to achieve peace in the Middle East, demand how much sovereign territory the Israelis should surrender, and mandate how guilty the Israelis should feel for owning and using advanced weapons, the Israelis have decided to put Israeli interests first. For these reasons, our investigation concludes that Israeli forces were justified on firing on the UN facility, and may do so again at will.

Our world view, based on historical precedent and an understanding of the evil that exists, has put us in a pessimistic position anticipating major threats and increased conflict across the globe with the coming administration. Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba have all started posturing for a commie-neutral, if not commie-friendly, US foreign policy. Will we see an increase of Chinese threats towards Taiwan in coming months?

Maybe others, those "peace-loving nations", will change their attitudes and behaviors too.

Is it possible - follow me here - that the Israelis are balls-to-the-wall in Gaza for this same reason? Do they see a new world order that further harms their interests? Have the Israelis decided that they are essentially alone in the next four years? After all, they ARE attacking a democratically elected government, pursuing and assassinating its leaders. They humor the French and others pushing - screaming - for a cease fire, as Day 20 of the Gaza operation starts with more shelling and more raids.

Have the Israelis chosen victory over status-quo?

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