Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The John Edwards Affair

We waited on this story until we could make it 'fit' in the theme. Today it did with American Thinker's piece (links below) on the scandal. Not the John Edwards mistress scandal. Not the John Edwards love-child scandal. No, the scandal of the MSM who collectively chose to ignore this story. Can't we take a day off from the hourly updates of President Obama's latest pronouncements?

American Thinker - The Edwards Scandal is Now an MSM Scandal

The major media have virtually ignored the entire story, despite what appears to be rather convincing evidence assembled by the Enquirer. Fox News was able to find a corroborating witness, but the rest of the media has 86'd the story, despite its obvious appeal to a public that can't get enough when it comes to scandal.

National Enquirer - Latest Update: $15k/month checks to mistress

National Enquirer - Original Story

Pic from Nat'l Enquirer

A personal note: we think this is just sad.