Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wanted: LA Times Editor (again)

James O'Shea, the Los Angeles Time's second editor in 14 months is gone. David Hiller, the Times Publisher, had asked for a $7m reduction to the total budget. The MSM editor MR. O'Shea, instead, wanted to increase spending in the newsroom to add to coverage of the 2008 election. As you can see here almost daily at Ushanka.us, that would translate into more headlines like, "The GOP Failures Mount as Time Dwindles", or "We Endorse Senator Clinton because Her Fiscal Discipline is Sound".

Knowing this will fall on deaf ears, we suggest the following: Hire the next editor from the business sector. Someone with proven marketing and finance experience, and with NO journalism experience. It is a business first, a newspaper second, Mr. Hiller. What it is not is rocket science.