Friday, June 29, 2007

Weekend Reading

We completely agree with Joshua Muravchik's logic that wars are started by those who underestimate democracies. A great write-up, "Winds of War", at Opinion Journal.

...the demands of congressional Democrats that we throw in the towel in Iraq, their attempts to constrain the president's freedom to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program, the proposal of the Baker-Hamilton commission that we appeal to Iran to help extricate us from Iraq--all of these may be read by the radicals as signs of our imminent collapse. In the name of peace, they are hastening the advent of the next war.

"Our Enemy's Attrition" is Mr. Hanson's upbeat article at NRO. For those tired of the MSM's partison-driven war negativity, here is a reminder that there is another side to the story. A happy side.

...for all the justifiable criticism of the Iraqi reconstruction, two truths still remain — the United States is taking an enormous toll on jihadists, and despite the terrible cost in blood and treasure, has not given up on a constitutional government in Iraq.

So Ann Coulter was ambushed by a former senator's wife this week. Another failed attack from one of America's enemies... The lovely Miss Coulter responds at Townhall in "That was no lady - That was my husband". Ann, you go girl!