Friday, June 15, 2007

Weekend Reading

James Taranto in his WSJ Best of the Web daily post finds a headline:

Blame America First

"U.S. Mistakenly Kills 7 Afghan Police" reads the headline of an Associated Press dispatch. Strictly speaking, this is not inaccurate, but the first paragraph makes clear that the headline is something less than a half truth:

Afghan police mistook U.S. troops on a nighttime mission for Taliban fighters and opened fire on them early Tuesday, prompting U.S. forces to return fire and call in attack aircraft. Seven Afghan police were killed.

The headline makes it sound as if the Americans rather than the Afghans made the mistake.

Currently, the top 1% of taxpayers pay 33% of total tax revenues. The majority are proposing tax cuts for others that will force the 1% top earners to pay 40% of total revenues. [$$] WSJ, 100% Marginal Tax Rate.

Added to our List: Taxes and the 2008 Election.

A fence on the border. It is so simple! Charles Krauthammer explains in his Townhall article, The Jeopardy of Reform.