Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not All Despair is Bad [Comments]

We haven't found an article that better summarizes our opinion of the Palestinian civil war. Nor have we seen the obvious comparison to the sectarian violence in Iraq. So, we will start the dialogue. Warning - feelings are discussed below:


The Palestinian civil war and the 'building' sectarian violence in Iraq share the same catalyst: despair.

The perpetrators of violence in both areas are evil, and will kill regardless of the setting. Just as the saying "Vote Democrat, it is easier than getting a job" is accurate, so is "Kill Your Fellow Countrymen, it is easier than playing a contributing role in a new democracy".

Israel built a wall to keep the evil at bay, and the recent surge in Iraq has reinforced fragile alliances among Iraqis, added security, and has inspired Iraqi security forces. The result for the terror-inspired: despair.

Target options are limited. Palestinian terrorists have limited access to Jews, and Iraqi insurgents have limited access to Iraqi leadership and US forces. Adaptation is not limited to the well-meaning, just as despair is not limited to the liberal voters that voted in November 2006 to de-fund the war in Iraq. Evil will find its victims. It always has. It always will.

For Palestinians, a Fatah vs. Hamas civil war. For Iraq insurgents, car bombs amidst crowds of innocents, and mosque bombings. Both have taken their eye off of their primary targets - Americans and Israelis.

Despite the efforts of those who hate America, both here and there, terrorists are suffering their worst setback in decades. Civil war in Palestinian areas and secular violence in Iraq are tragic, yet positive developments. We have reached a milestone in the project plan to save the world.

Thank you George W. Bush. Bring on the despair!


Some predictions:

If Hamas takes over Gaza, they will eventually turn on themselves. Watch for public executions for small offenses or outright anarchy.

Every negative event will be tied to Bush policy.

Any positive event will be tied to the 'Timetable' white-flag crowd.

Troubles in Iraq will be categorized as civil war. Troubles in Gaza will not be categorized as civil war. (Civil wars can only occur where US troops are deployed, but you already knew that)

If the current policy is allowed to continue (albeit for years) - Stable democratic rule in Iraq, and a peace-loving, Israel-respecting, democratic Palestinian state will be the result.


Some proposed headlines for MSM:

Fatah death toll reaches new high
Gaza fighting may lead to civil war
For the mothers in Gaza, daily suffering
Poll: Israel is too harsh on Palestinians
Children are unsuspecting victims in Gaza melee
Clinton: "I would bring Fatah and Hamas to the table"
NYT Poll: 71% say Bush should punish Israel

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