Friday, March 23, 2007

Similarities: Falklands and Iran

On March 19, 1982, the Argentinians invaded the Falkland Islands. Their reasoning: they were re-occupying Argentina territory. Margaret Thatcher, England, and all civilized peoples were angered over the photo below of the 19 Royal Marines taken prisoner. Last, had the Argentinians waited four months, the British Navy would have scrapped two of it major ships and would not have had the capability to conduct the necessary sea battles. To the Argentinians, the Brits looked weak. As we know, the Falkland Islands returned to English rule in less than 3 months.

Some similarities today: Iran seizes 15 British soldiers, accusing them of entering Iranian waters. All civilized peoples are angered. (I said civilized. The commie moonbat leftists still hate Bush more than the mullahs who would put them under their swords.) Judging from the 'timetable' provided Bush by the commie Democratic majority yesterday, there is little time left for bold action. And last, with special thanks to the MSM and moonbat commie bedwetters, the Brits look weak to anyone tuned in to CNN or visiting a anti-war rally.

Either 15 captive soldiers are not enough to rally the Brits, or they are.

Bold Options: An Israeli-British coordinated attack on Iran is as much fun to imagine as it is unrealistic. Unfortunately, British nukes detonating in the Iranian oil fields is equally too much to ask for. So, unilateral British conventional air power targeting political and oil facilities until the soldiers are released? Probably the most likely scenario if the Brits choose force.

We regret we cannot imagine a scenario with US warriors leading the charge over this single act. Hoping we're wrong...