Saturday, March 24, 2007

Karl's Weekend Reading

Karl will keep the reading assignments few this week so you can go out and watch the movie, "300". Great quotes, simple values, real men, creative cinematography.

After you go to the movie, read Victor Davis Hanson's analysis of what was accurate, what was not.

Oliver North discusses the real agenda of the so-called anti-war crowd in his Townhall article, "Tied in Knots".

All this has worked as intended by those who despise this president. The commander-in-chief's attention has been diverted from more important matters. Congressional Democrats have an issue to yell and howl about. And those who write headlines have an excuse not to report real news about the war.

Saturday's Wall Street Journal editorial, 'A Triumph for Pelosi', is a refreshing analysis from this week's cowardly vote by her party. While a disgrace to all who cherish and/or fight for freedom, both past and present, it is a defining statement about the majority party, and we appreciate them voting their true agenda for a change.

"Today is an historic day," Ms. Pelosi said on the House floor. "The new Congress will vote to end the war in Iraq." But of course the bill does nothing of the sort. If she truly wanted to end the war, the Speaker and her fellow Democrats could simply have used their power of the purse to refuse to fund it. But that would have meant taking some responsibility for what happens in Iraq, which is the last thing Democrats want to do. So they have passed a bill that funds the war while claiming it ends the war.