Friday, December 29, 2006

Overheard in the Office

WMC: Do you think Saddam is pissed today that he is going to the gallows for one of his lesser crimes?

WML: No. I think he is pissed because Bush can do what he wants, but Saddam cannot. If Bush wants to take out a leader on the other side of the planet, he can. Saddam and other tyrants want that capability, but do not have it. If he is angry, that is the reason.

WMC: I agree that adds to it. But I have to believe he's upset he's being put to death for about 150 murders, when he's killed 5,000 in a day. It is like Clinton's defense when another girl would come up: "Puhlease. There are a dozen more where she came from." That would defuse the story and put things into perspective.

And how about the 30-day notice? In America, we give a 30-day notice to our condemned, and they kick back for 30 days. Saddam gets a 30-day notice, and the next day his cell opens and a guy says "Let's go". That part of the world is criticized for poor management of democracy, civil administration, ecetera, but they are efficient in at least one area.

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