Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Latest MSM Iraq Milestone

James Taranto of "Best of the Web Today" picks up on a noticable trend - the MSM defining a major milestone in the Iraq war as the death toll exceeds the toll of 9/11:

We guess the idea of all these "milestones" is to remind Americans that the liberation of Iraq has been costly--and, if you're cynical about the motives of Torchia and other journalists, to dampen public support for the war effort. Liberating Iraq has cost as many lives as 9/11, we are supposed to conclude; therefore it hasn't been worth the cost. Are we then supposed to wish that 9/11 had claimed more lives?

Anyway, isn't there a qualitative difference between someone who goes to work in the morning and is murdered by terrorists, and someone who makes the ultimate sacrifice for his country after volunteering to take that risk? Or between a little girl murdered on a hijacked airplane and an adult man who dies in combat? In what sense are the body counts comparable?

By drawing an equivalence between soldiers and victims, Torchia is insulting the heroism of those who fight, and in some cases die, for America. By engaging in such mindless and meaningless score-keeping, he is insulting the intelligence of every one of his readers.

Thanks for the clarity, James.

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